Transgender 2021: Transgender Perfumes

The very limitless nature of Fragrance Du Bois allows their perfumes to be defined only by those who adorn them. Traditional concepts of manly musks and spices and ladylike florals and fruits have disappeared into the ether and have been reimagined. From the poetic minds and magical hands of their perfumers, FDB fragrances are open-ended statements begging to be interpreted only by one’s imagination.

It is the year 2021 and sexual and gender identity is at the forefront of social politics. Just as they comb the globe for a vast array of unique and unusual ingredients, Fragrance Du Bois also embraces the diversity within our society. They know full well that more variety leads to more spice in life, more brilliance, and more acceptance. Fragrance Du Bois have always created unisex fragrances.

Fragrance can be crucial to those whose identities are in question by those around them. The very nature of perfume allows identity to be chosen, preempted. Scent may enter a space before the visual, and even the aural, presenting a cloud of self, and ultimately a self revealed. It surrounds and blurs our separations and talks to those who would never think of talking to us; it is spirit inhaled and set in motion.

Fragrance Du Bois pulls its inspiration from grander concepts than gender alone. Nostalgia, reverie, forgotten landscapes, fantastical scenes and so much more enkindle its perfumers to create identity in a bottle. As one of Fragrance Du Bois’ top perfumers, Sandra Dziad, explains best, “[our] creations come from the heart and speak to the soul, invoking moods, stimulating emotions and capturing the very essence of a person.” Someone feeling truly themselves is perhaps the most precious gift Fragrance Du Bois could ever hope to give.