Sandra Dziad

Sandra Dziad is at the vanguard of a young group of bespoke perfumers changing the face of the fragrance world. Inspired by nature, consumed by a passion for her art, she has created more than a thousand tailor-made fragrances -- many for celebrities of world renown.

With a depth of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Sandra's creations come from the heart and speak to the soul, invoking moods, stimulating emotions, and capturing the very essence of a person.

Sandra's first creation for Fragrance Du Bois, Amber Intense, cements her as a master of her craft. She will continue to compose fragrances at the Bastide Du Bois, a luxury villa in Grasse, where Du Bois provides clients with the ultimate experience; the creation of their own, personalised perfume, while luxuriating in comfort and immersing themselves in the ambience of the south of France.