Perfumery 2.0: Artistic Perfumery

This is Perfumery 2.0, the peculiarly infused extracts and luxury perfume oils that will leave you awestruck. Fragrance du Bois is redefining the industry with a novel vision, a boundless passion and creativity like no other. Master perfumers from France to Dubai and Iran to Italy bring with them the artistry of classical and modern Arabian and French styles to embrace and enrapture sophisticated noses.

What sets Fragrance du Bois apart from the others is its commitment to both the glory and sustainability of nature. First and foremost, FdB is gracious to the earth, the earth that births its ingredients -- the finest ingredients to be found. By using only sustainably sourced and certified products, they help prevent the ruthless exploitation of the world’s rainforests.  This also ensures the perfumers have only the most unique and highest quality natural perfume oils and extracts to conjure their sensual magic.

Known in the Middle East as black gold, the intoxicating oil oud comes from one the rarest and most expensive woods in the world. Therefore, FdB’s oud is meticulously sourced from sustainable producers and is certified to be real organic vintage oud by CITES.

This devotion to all life is also reflected in FdB’s Cruelty Free Policy. Not a single animal is ever tested on under their name, nor do they condone any testing to be done on their behalf.

All this taken into account, the real alchemy begins when the perfumers source their ingredients from the most exotic places on earth and masterfully blend them into unique works of art inspiring memories, emotions, desires and love.
It is Fragrance Du Bois’s promise to you  -- it is their promise to the earth. This is Perfumery 2.0 for a new world.