The Best Autumn/Winter Scents – Fashion Capitals by Fragrance Du Bois

While September marks the beginning of autumn, in the world of luxury fashion, it’s the start of a new year. This is the month that London, New York, Milan and Paris hold their Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks. It was to celebrate these vibrant, culturally rich cities that Fragrance Du Bois created their Fashion Capitals collection – perfumes that capture the essence of each iconic location.

Of course, as designers, stylists and the fashion lovers among us look ahead to the next 12 months, it’s autumn and winter we’re now dressing for. With the change of season comes the tradition of swapping T-shirts for cashmere knits, summer footwear for winter boots and basket bags for leather totes. It’s also the time to store away the fragrances of summer in favour of autumn/winter scents.

Reflecting nature’s beauty, in fashion, this is the season of rich, opulent colours – ruby red, dark berry, emerald green and russet orange. The colder temperatures bring the opportunity to indulge in luxe textures, such as wool, leather and velvet. Perfectly complementing these elements of seasonal style, as well as encapsulating the spirit of the fashion capitals, are Fragrance Du Bois’ London Oud, Parisian, Milano, New York 5th Avenue and New York Intense.

Winter Fragrance That’s Part Of Your Wardrobe

Each of these scents has its own distinct character, but all feel as luxurious as the finest fabrics to wear. They provide the finishing touch to your outfits, completing your look and making you feel pulled together, whether you’re dressing for the office or a night out. Proof that fragrance can play as much of a starring role in your wardrobe as a favourite bag or pair of shoes, Fragrance Du Bois’ Fashion Capitals are modern classics. Designed by master perfumers from the finest ingredients that nature has to offer, they are unique blends that stand out from the crowd, statement-making perfumes that you won’t find anywhere else. Discover the perfect scent to pair with your autumn/winter wardrobe by ordering the selection of Fashion Capitals samples here.

Fashion Capitals In More Detail

London Oud is at once fresh and invigorating, bold and exciting, a sophisticated winter scent that will take you from day to night. A mixture of citrus, florals, wood and spices, it embodies the eclectic nature of the city and the endless opportunities and inspiration it has to offer in terms of fashion, art, music, food… whatever piques your curiosity.

Parisian speaks of elegance and sensuality, recalling the finest couture, and quintessential style for which the French capital is famous. Lively spices mix with rose, jasmine and geranium, while Oud and frankincense transport you to the city at night, with its evocative cabaret clubs and cafe bars. A truly chic winter scent that captures the magic and wonder of Paris.

Milano blends citrus, spice and fruity notes with leather, musk and amber resulting in a fragrance that is neither too heavy nor too sweet. Perfectly balanced, it is fresh and uplifting, a scent to wear in winter when you’re missing sunnier days. Understated, yet intriguing, like the city itself, this is a refined, harmonious perfume that echoes the timeless style synonymous with Italian fashion.

New York 5th Avenue is inspired by wintertime in New York. It invokes images of being in the heart of Manhattan, wrapped up in your favourite winter coat and scarf. Snow is falling all around, and clouds envelop the top of the skyscrapers. Woody, warm and spicy with a comforting touch of caramel, this scent expresses the effortless sophistication of New York style and the romance and nostalgia of the city. 

New York Intense is moody, in the best possible sense, and seductive, with a complex woody-floral note that is enhanced by ingredients such as Oud oil, myrrh and oakmoss. A wonderful winter perfume, it exudes luxury and finesse, making it an ideal partner for your finest little black dress and the celebrations of the holiday season.