Shadi Samra

Scent expert Shadi Samra has been in the Fragrance industry for almost 20 years, He also served as a member of the Fragrance Foundation Arabia board of directors and was the only one to be a judge in the Fragrance Oscars for 8 years. He has a huge GCC market knowledge and experience in Oud, Oud Oil and other oriental fragrances.

Shadi defines himself as a lover of natural ingredients, an advocate for their value and supports sustainability in their production.

For Shadi, fragrance is memory, a strong fragrance holds the memory better. “When I create a fragrance, I try to put an emotion in a bottle, an emotion that can turn into an unforgettable situation and whenever you smell it you feel the fond memories comeback flooding”

We are delighted to have Shadi Samra share his years of perfumery expertise with us, creating a beautiful selection of Fragrance Du Bois perfumes.