Guillaume Flavigny

When he was just a child, playing in the park, Guillaume Flavigny collected everything that was fragrant. Later in his teenage years, the appeal of perfume became an obsession –and since obsessions are meant to be pursued, he naturally found his way to the profession that allowed him to do so. He has since devoted himself to developing an eclectic range of perfumes –all very different from each other, but each bearing the unmistakable signature of a man who pours his heart into his work, who compares each creation to “a fantastically beautiful voyage”.

He’s a passionate oenophile, makes his own beer, and is a yoga and meditation enthusiast. His is an inquisitive mind that feeds a creative dynamic capable of keeping inspiration alive. Also nourishing that drive is the world of music: Flavignyhas always played the piano. When working out his fragrance formulas, jazz pieces and compositions by Mozart help him draw on his emotions and sharpen his focus on the work at hand. Because “in perfumery, as in music, we seek harmony, chords and counterpoint.”