Nathalie Cetto

Nathalie Gracia-Cetto’s ambition is to create perfumes “that bring a smile”, perfumes that are both singular and attractive. She will perhaps achieve that ambition when she signs the green fragrance she dreams of, the ideal balance between the natural and sophistication. She is curious by nature and feeds her art with other artistic disciplines as well as her olfactory memories from her early childhood in Egypt or her special moments with her children.

For Nathalie, perfumers are just as much artists as they are craftsmen and women: “We seek to convey pleasure and emotion, but to shape the ingredients around an idea, doing test after test –it’s also very tangible and ‘physical’.”

Among the perfumes she has dreamt up, her favourites are above all the fruit of an encounter. “We are lucky to be engaged in an extraordinary profession: you have to build on the pleasure of creating!”