François Merle-Baudoin

Francois was born in Grasse, France from a fifth-generation of French family perfumer. At an early age, he was immersed in the Fragrance world from the wild range of natural species growing around Grasse area and from his parents who make him work during his school holiday as a compounder in the family business. After his graduation, he started his formal training at Roure's famous fragrance school in Grasse. This allowed him to start his career as a perfumer having the opportunity to move on with some internationally renowned fragrances house in France, Singapore and Australia. Having been travelling around the world since an early age he learns and appreciates a lot of diverse cultures, foods and smells around him. Who helps him to keep and hence a broad sense of olfactive creativity based on memories and experiences. Through these experiences and career he all the way keeps wild creativity with a traditional touch of the “how to do it”.