Finding your autumn/winter scent – Fragrance Du Bois perfume notes in more detail

How do you go about choosing a scent?

Traditionally, perfumes are placed in ‘his’ and ‘hers’ categories, which gives you a good idea of their aroma, but can be limiting. This is why, at Fragrance Du Bois, we use the terms lightly and consider all our fragrances to be unisex.

As an individual, your fragrance preference might be (in conventional terms) feminine, masculine or neutral. Or perhaps you are drawn to all three, depending on the occasion, your outfit or the season. It comes down to personal taste. So, think of our ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ labels purely as guides to the blend and notes of each perfume – and never feel you have to keep within the bounds of either. The most important aspect of any perfume you wear is for it to make you feel truly like you.

What attracts us to certain scents over others are the different notes that combine to form distinct fragrances. So, that’s a good place to start when choosing a perfume.

Woody, smoky, spicy scents

Notes of cedarwood, patchouli, leather, tobacco, vetiver, mint and clove come under this category. If these are the kind of scents you prefer, our recommendations include London Oud, Cannabis Blue, Parisian, Oud Vert Intense and Sahraa. These are wonderful winter fragrances, which open with top notes varying from grapefruit, bergamot and cardamom to geranium, jasmine and rose, before giving way to the deep, rich heart and base notes of wood and spice.

Sweet, floral, fruity scents

Our winter perfume recommendations in this group are Siberian Rose, Santal Complet, Oud Jaune Intense, Heritage and Minuit et Demi. The notes that form the essence of these fragrances range from caramel, vanilla, and fruity or floral aldehydes to jasmine, violet and orange blossom. They are preceded by top notes such as bergamot, juniper, pear and ylang-ylang.

Seasonal scents, expertly blended

A fragrance that is woody or spicy is not exclusively so – it is balanced by lighter citrus or floral top notes. Similarly, a floral or fruity scent includes spice or wood, which add resonance and can help boost lighter notes. Rose is a good example of a versatile note – it can enhance the woody character of a fragrance, but also give a softer edge when used with vanilla or fruit. It all comes down to the blending, which is an art in itself, and one that Fragrance Du Bois takes very seriously by collaborating with only the very best master perfumers in the industry.

To help you choose your winter fragrance, we have curated several scent discovery sets.