Review: Sahraa Oud Fragrance Du Bois

Liquid Luxury in a bottle 🔥
Sahraa is one of the most well known niche perfumes out there
and it’s here to stay on the top luxury ones.
The name represents the juice very well, it’s oudy and saffrony,
the roses are smooth and not overpowering.
This is a special perfume that need special occasion,
it’s intense as you can see clearly from the color,
the velvety blend of rose with patchouli, sandalwood,
amber & ouds is absolutely out of this world and
I love the balance brought by black pepper.
I would describe it as mysterious scent, oriental and super refined.
Sahraa is without a doubt a fragrance to remember,
smells luxury and sophisticated, elegant and rich.
Performance is good with longevity of 6-7h
(projects even longer if it’s used with oud chips)