New York Intense Review

There are fragrances that fits your personality like a glove.
In my world, I'm a King, and in my kingdom,
the whole atmosphere smells like New York Intense.
Oh what a wonder this is!
New York Intense is not an unfamiliar scent profile, it reminds me of a fragrance I wear for major life milestones...Jubilation XXV, but it comes with the right tweaks to make it even better, to make it a daily wear for me.
The incense dialed down a bit balancing the myrrh and fruity notes perfectly,
then amping up cloves and other spices by just a tad,
with oud and other woody notes balanced to a fault.
This is a regal mix, it's how I want you to remember me. It's the impression I'll like to leave you with. A lasting memory that cannot be forgotten.
Not invasive, not proud, not loud, just right.
You'll be amazed! 👑