Review: 5th Avenue New York Perfume

First time wear so these are my first impressions.
The opening is sharp, sharp to the point my nose was attacked by the bergamot! Literally 30 seconds later the rose tackled the bergamot and brought it down a notch. So the opening, after the first 30 seconds is quite nice, nothing new though.

However, this heavy thick vanilla/caramel note starts to show and it adds this rich layer of gourmand sweetness. It’s not a gourmand scent though.

20-30 mins in and it’s now a little spicy, a little woody, I haven’t checked the notes so I don’t know what that is, but it’s lovely. Adds a bit of masculinity to the fragrance.

Couple of hours in now and it’s starting to turn, it’s getting woodier. I can smell cashmere. It’s a gorgeous base. The vanilla/caramel note seems a bit louder now, I think there’s more caramel in the base.
Overall, you end up with a cashmere wood based perfume, with a fresh bergamot rose combo, sweetened with caramel or vanilla. A slight spice too. It’s lovely stuff and it seems to be projecting great (2 hours so far).