Review: Cannabis Fragrance Spray

Another cannabis offering today,
this time from the wonderful house of Fragrance Du Bois.
Right, the opening to Cannabis Blue is lovely, and horrible at the same time. It opens up with Eucalyptus, Grape Fruit, Pepper and Cardamom. So you have this citrus sweet, slightly spiced and minty opening. But in the heart you have Nutmeg and Cannabis.

This is where my nose is confused. I get whiffs it’s this creamy nutty, green cannabis note, and it’s lovely. But then sometimes I’m smelling this strong Cannabis note which is giving me a slight headache. It’s like FDB have tried to balance the harshness of the Cannabis with a nice creamy soft Nutmeg.

All hope is not lost though! As it dries, the Cedar and Guaiac Wood notes seem to do a much better job of taming the strong harsh Cannabis and evolve into this strong woody, piney green Forrest type of aroma.
To add even more depth, there’s a gorgeous smooth and very pleasing Oud note too, matched up with a spicy fresh Patchouli.

So basically, the journey starts off nice, the heart is a little worrying and headache inducing (for me anyway), but once it’s completely dried down, it’s Oudy smooth sailing from there on in. Not my favourite from the house, but nonetheless a great perfume and like all others from my favourite house, very well blended.