Gift Guide: Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts

Gift Guide: Luxury Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothering Sunday is a day to celebrate and thank all the special women in our lives. So, whether it’s a marvellous mum, an amazing aunty, a nurturing nan or just a special mother figure in your life, we have the perfect collection of luxury Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to explore. However you choose to thank that special someone you’ll find the very best indulgent gifts for ‘mum’ at Fragrance Du Bois.

Mother’s Day Perfume Gifts

Perfume represents a unique and luxurious gift, outlasting gimmicky products and flowers and adding a personal touch that she’ll appreciate long after Mother’s Day has gone. The best luxury gifts for mum are those that indulge her and come packaged in layers of luxury and style. Our Mother’s Day perfume gifts are delivered in a signature Fragrance Du Bois velvet presentation box with a beautiful red satin lining. It makes the perfect keepsake box for prized jewellery and precious trinkets.

If you are considering a perfume gift this Mother’s Day, we’ve pulled together a Mother’s Day edit of our best-selling and most-loved fragrances. We’ll help you discover the best perfumes for mother so that you can find the ultimate fragrance to complement her style.

The Best Fragrances For Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, perfume signifies more than just a present. Fragrance has the unique ability to create memories and experiences. Familiar notes and ingredients can even transport people to treasured destinations or help recall special occasions. 

Let our detailed fragrance descriptions and classification of fragrances by family help you explore the best perfumes for mothers and find unique gifts to suit her taste for floral, fresh, oriental or woody scents.

Floral Scents

Say it with flowers in a fragrance this Mother’s Day and choose a gift that continues to delight your recipient for the year ahead. Floral fragrances are a very popular choice and include instantly recognisable aromas like classic rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, and peony. Browse our best-selling floral fragrances to find the best perfume for mothers, including new release Cavort with its exotic bouquet of rose absolute, orange flower, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Floral fragrances tend to have a naturally feminine touch so can be an obvious choice when it comes to perfume for mothers. They can be sweet by nature in composition, but of course the spectrum is wide and this fragrance family also incorporates soft, powdery florals and flowery fragrances with a tropical feel. 

The elegant and sophisticated Heritage from our Prive Collection makes a charming gift for those who enjoy a rich and alluring fragrance. The crisp, fresh opening notes of bergamot and floral aldehyde yield to a complex but approachable heart of sweet jasmine and powdery orris, augmented by hints of mystical frankincense.

Among our best perfume for mothers is the juicy and invigorating Brume Du Matin, a stunning combination of fruity accords and floral notes. Peach and plum join rose, violet and jasmine in a sumptuous medley of ripening fruit and delicate flowers.

Fresh Scents

Fresh scents are often characterised by citrus, water and green notes and tend to be zesty, invigorating and uplifting by nature. These types of scent are often considered quite wide in appeal and their lighter, brighter outlook make them great every day or holiday scents. This can be a unique Mother’s Day gift choice for a sporty mum or for someone who enjoys a clean, fresh spring-like smelling perfume.

Treat her to a luxury Mother’s Day gift of Solstis, a new release from Fragrance Du Bois and  ‘sunshine in a bottle’ according to one of our favourite reviewers. This is truly a scent for all seasons with its wonderfully spicy, zesty aroma and delicate milky green notes.

Our luxury Mother’s Day gifts selection also includes fragrances with a delicate oud infusion like Oud Vert or Oud Bleu or perhaps you’ll choose New York Intense, a beautiful luxurious spicy citrus perfume with an unquestionable longevity.

Oriental Scents

Oriental fragrances usually boast unusual or exotic notes, so they feel incredibly luxurious and indulgent. This makes them an ideal selection for a perfume gift. 

Minuit et Demi continues to attract a loyal following and is a beautiful Mother’s Day perfume. It opens with a subtle hint of spice before melding into a decadent heart of coffee and caramel. Base notes of vetiver, cedarwood, cashmeran, vanilla, musk and Bourbon De Laire complete this demure and delicious fragrance.

Other best-selling oriental fragrances include Oud Orange and Oud Jaune, both offering a virtual escape to the tropics with their fruity accords and hints of pineapple and coconut

Woody Scents

Woody scents typically include sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, musk and patchouli to name just a few key notes. These types of fragrances can be earthy and very grounding so could be a fabulous Mother’s Day Gift for someone who needs to feel pampered, relaxed and reconnected to nature.

Among the best woody scents for mothers are the ever-popular Santal Complet, New York 5th Avenue and Milano. The sandalwood in Santal Complet combined with a delicious coconut note can be likened to enveloping her in a luxurious cashmere blanket while the sweet, woody composition of New York 5th Avenue could take her on a virtual voyage to the magical Big Apple in Winter. Milano fuses fresh citrusy notes with the spice of saffron and a blend of fruity and aromatic aromas. The long-lasting base boasts woody notes, vanilla, musk and amber with a generous helping of leather accords.