Create Your Signature Scent With Layering

Layering might have traditionally described the application of variations on the same scent to create longevity (think body lotion and perfume), but increasingly it refers to an experimental approach of mixing different fragrances to create custom blends to suit your mood or occasion.

As Fragrance Du Bois launches its first bespoke limited edition ‘pairings’ discovery set, we talk to Daniel Henry Wood, Commercial Director, about how to get started with fragrance layering and why there are no rules when it comes to ‘scent cocktailing’.

What is the Immersive Layers Discovery Set?

Our new arrival discovery sample fragrance set takes ten of Fragrance Du Bois’ most iconic fragrances and gives recommendations on how to combine two perfumes to produce unique and intriguing scent combinations.

Why Immersive Layers?

Though layering is not a new concept, it can be an unfamiliar practice among general fragrance users. It was important for us to communicate the new discovery set concept in a simple and straightforward manner, hence using ‘layers’. We added ‘Immersive’ because it really is the only way to approach layering. It requires a shedding of preconceived ideas of individual fragrances and for the participant to immerse themselves in a voyage of discovery. The results can be surprising and enlightening.

What are the fragrances and how have you paired them?

We’ve taken some of our most-loved fragrances with a handful of our new releases and created some truly wonderful scent mixes. We’ve also mixed genres and collections including a good cross-section from our Prive, Natures Treasures, Shades Du Bois and Fashion Capitals ranges.

Recommended Pairings for Layering

Celestial Style – Milano x Solstis

The city of style and celestial power meet, cultivating a supernatural alchemy

Maximalist Sensuality – Oud Jaune x Santal Complet

A maximalist conversation of inviting exotic tones that unfold into the sensual

Timeless Charisma – Heritage x London Spice

An enigmatic composition that is timeless and full of complex audacity

Kinetic Infusion – Oud Bleu x Cavort Unveils an easy sophistication embedded with kinetic flirtation

Evolving Movement – New York 5th Avenue x Cannabis Intense

Malleable and full of movement, wrapping the skin, enveloping it, constantly evolving on the wearer

How can I get started with fragrance layering?

An open mind is a must. There are no rules per se, but as a general rule of thumb you should start by spraying heavier fragrances so as not to overbear lighter perfumes. You can also experiment with the application itself. Layering implies one scent on top of another, but you could try applying two different fragrances to different parts of the body. Maybe one scent to your wrists and another to your neck. Layering is about creativity and having fun with fragrance. What works for one person won’t for another so it’s important to have confidence in your own tastes and preferences. We encourage pushing your own boundaries. Try incorporating fragrance families and scent profiles that are not necessarily in your comfort zone and discover the effect when you combine them with more familiar and ‘comfortable’ fragrances. Start your blending experimentation on blotters and progress to your skin once you’ve found your perfect concoction. The results can sometimes be quite different.

The Benefits of Layering

Fragrance layering is a cost-effective, risk-free way of finding custom perfume blends designed by you. Layering gives you the permission to be your own master perfumer, fusing different fragrances to create completely new scents to suit exactly how you’re feeling in that moment. Layering is also a great way to explore and understand notes and ingredients better and to determine the combinations that work best for you.

Daniel’s Closing Note on Layering

Fragrance also has been and always will be a highly personal choice. Layering takes that personal choice to another level, giving you the creative freedom to express your personality and mood in any given moment. There is no right or wrong in layering and you don’t need to be a fragrance expert. Have fun, be courageous and allow your fragrance pairings to express your scent story.