Introducing AM: A New Collaboration With Producer Michael

At Fragrance Du Bois, we are committed to working with thought provoking and game changing creative spirits to create one-of-a-kind fragrance collaborations to intrigue and inspire.

A natural talent, nobody does luxury lifestyle quite like Michael Blakey aka Producer Michael. Living life to its full expression Michael is a lover of the high life whether it be property, watches, fashion or fragrance.

Known for his incredible YouTube channel and respected for collaborations such as his Producer Michael watch with leading luxury designers Jacob & Co; creating a fragrance allowed Michael to express himself in a new dimension. Frequently sought after for new exciting larger-than-life projects Producer Michael is truly an icon.

From AM to PM

Following on from the triumphant success of PM, Fragrance Du Bois has collaborated with renowned producer Michael Blakey on a new perfume star: AM. Pushing the boundaries of perfumery to create new dynamic scents that embody Produce Michael’s distinctive sense of style and taste.

Playing on Michael’s interests in Horology these perfumes now tell two stories: AM and PM; whilst both are a reflection of the man himself these perfumes are distinctively different. Whilst perfume and music have long had influence on each other and are therefore a natural partnership this is the first time a watch has so heavily influenced a fragrance creation.

PM has been an overnight success for Fragrance Du Bois. This power perfume harks back to the heady days when perfumes could be made with real and powerful ingredients and not guided by budgets and constraints, a new signature scent in the world of haute perfumery.

Embracing clean, spicy junipers, smoky cedarwood and notes of fresh Secret Florals that are exclusive to Fragrance Du Bois. With a potent pop of the sweetest patchouli and the essence of comforting orris root forming the base, this is a scent for those who like to indulge in the best of everything.

Discover The Power Notes of AM

AM arrives with an explosion of warm, woody and spicy notes from the first spritz; this striking fragrance is enriched with an abundance of natural extracts to redefine modern luxury.

Spiced damask rose, king of the florals, muddles with Italian orange and a hint of aromatic thyme and leathery saffron. This perfume is amplified from the base by ambroxan which ensures a long-lasting fragrance experience with its sensual power. Musky tones combine with sophisticated woods notes from smoky guaiac, smooth sandalwood and aromatic cedarwood merging in the base. A whisper of an oud accord drifts with a spicy freshness, weaving through a background of vintage patchouli and a hint of sweet tropical vanilla make for a dramatic dry down.

Signature and exclusive to Fragrance Du Bois is the “Secret Florals” accord found in the very heart of this scent. Unique and completely undetectable this precious concoction of jasmine, hedione and tuberose to name but a few is a signature tincture. Created to give a certain mystery to the fragrance and celebrating our commitment to treating perfumery in a dramatically different way; using the best ingredients in new unique ways to push the boundaries of the fine fragrance world.

A potent extrait de parfum strength fragrance with a sublime silage this new scent is the perfect addition to a perfume lovers’ wardrobe for day, for night, for special occasions or everyday indulgence.

"AM is a super charged, multi-layered power fragrance for all" Producer Michael

The Perfect Package

Of course, no Fragrance Du Bois perfume is complete without its signature look. The beautifully crafted bottle is embellished with an electric turquoise label, reminiscent of the sunny blue skies of LA, the city Producer Michael calls home. Topped with the signature black crystal cap the bottle appears to hover on its perfectly positioning base made from the smoothest and clearest glass.

Housing this new treasure in the collection is the bespoke presentation case for Producer Michael’s perfumes. Made from carbon fibre as a nod to this inspiration from his Jacob & Co watch Producer Michael’s fragrances are presented in nothing short of show stopping style. The ultimate gift, or collectable for the perfume or luxury aficionados’ collection. This carbon fibre case is lined in irresistible red silk, the perfect house for this striking fragrance.

From The Creative Mind of Producer Michael

"I wanted to create a scent that was bold and iconic; PM was a dedication to my fans as well as an expression of my personality and the same is true of AM. Carrying on the story in a new distinctive style, embracing the best ingredients and of course a bold signature design an electric blue presented in my signature carbon fibre case- a fully bespoke piece made for me and my audience by my friends at Fragrance Du Bois.

I hope you enjoy AM and can take both perfumes with you, for day, for night, for anytime you want to live life to its full expression."

A collector and lover of all things rare, colourful and eclectic, Producer Michael's energy and dynamism have been carefully crafted into perfume form.

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