Behind the Perfumes

An Interview with Producer Michael: From Music, to Fashion to "In It To Win It" Fragrances

Hot on the heels of launching the latest collaboration with Producer Michael, Fragrance Du Bois asked the raconteur YouTube sensation a few personal questions about his life and inspiration.

AM and PM were created in collaboration with Producer Michael exploring his character and bringing to life fragrances that are both profoundly personal, but that also deliver a new bold and distinctive style to fine fragrance and luxury lovers worldwide. From the opulent fragrance inside every cut glass bottle to the unique carbon fibre presentation case, exclusively created by Fragrance Du Bois for Producer Michael, inspired by his collaborations with Jacob & Co watches, every element of this product is a masterpiece. Using elaborate coloured plaques with a signature design incorporating the iconography of Fragrance Du Bois and Producer Michael, limited edition fragrances are created, expressive of character and inspiring for the wearer.

It's time to meet the man behind the fragrances…

Jacob&Co Watch

FDB: What inspired you to go into music?
PM: I have loved playing the drums since I was about six; this passion slowly developed into creating my music and later producing it for many artists.

FDB: How does music make you feel? What would you say your style is?
PM: Music makes me happy; it doesn't matter what kind of music it is, it either makes you tap your foot and get up and move or sends you into a chilled, relaxing mode. My style would be light jazz fusion.

FDB: We are sure it is impossible to choose, but do you have a favourite song or a top three?
PM: I don't have a favourite, although I love the classics… Sinatra and similar artists.

FDB: Now that you live in LA, what do you love most about living there, and what do you miss most about the UK?
PM: LA has everything to offer, a great entertainment scene, incredible restaurants, and like-minded people; however, LA, of course, is only sometimes as it appears in the movies, except for the weather!
I miss the sophistication of the UK, but I don't miss the weather.

FDB: How would you describe your style, and do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe?
PM: Most would call my style wild; I call it bright, colourful, and happy. My favourite pieces are probably the most colourful, but I love shoes (I have over 300 pairs).

FDB: How does fragrance make you feel?
PM: Fragrance is the final touch after preparing for the day or evening. It says something unique about you and leaves your presence behind after long you have left.

FDB: What inspired you to create your fragrance? What was vital for you to capture in the scent?
PM: I wanted something different, classy, and elegant. Most fragrances these days are just a pleasant smell - I wanted something uniquely memorable.

FDB: Tell us about what PM means to you…
PM: I'm very proud of the creation; it took nearly a year to perfect. It humbles me to see so many people commenting that it's the best fragrance they've ever had …

FDB: And AM?
PM: Pretty much the same feelings as PM but with that extra boost of "I did it", and those that wear it are "in it to win it"!

FDB: You are known for your YouTube; what's your favourite content to shoot?
PM: I enjoy shooting all things luxury and use my content to inspire - I firmly believe that everyone can make "their" success if they want it badly enough, and I share things that I think most people enjoy.

FDB: You have followers worldwide who adore your content and follow your life; what was an inspirational career-defining moment for you?
PM: Being able to share positivity and positive messages!

To learn more about Producer Michael visit; you can also listen to his carefully curated Spotify Playlist