Fragrance Du Bois Oud Jaune Intense


Fruity, flirty and floral, Oud Jaune is a sparkling, sunshine-infused fragrance famed for transporting the wearer to faraway shores. Exotic monoi, elegant ylang-ylang and juicy pineapple evoke a tropical aura before submitting to a resplendent heart of white florals, jasmine and orange blossom. A sumptuously deep and decadent drydown lends a sensual and long-lasting milky, vanilla and musky base to this intoxicating, warm floral perfume.

Perfumers Notes

Top Notes

Monoi, Ylang Ylang, Pineapple, Water Fruits

Middle Notes

Jasmine, Orange Blossom, White Flowers, Salicyalate

Base Notes

Lactonic, Vanilla, Musk, 100% pure organic vintage Oud