Fragrance Du Bois Coffret De Voyage - For Lovers


Introducing the Fragrance Du Bois For Lovers Collection Travel Set, a mesmerising compendium of sensual scents designed to accompany you wherever your romantic encounters take you. Made for amour, our trio of irresistible fine fragrances are presented in convenient, portable vials perfect for pockets, carry-on and spur of the moment liaisons. A poignant gift that needs no words for someone special or an intimate companion for those with an unwavering sense of wanderlust.

Simply slip your chosen fragrance from the For Lovers Collection into the luxurious gold atomiser and unleash your fragrant power. Will it be the intoxicating allure of rich, woody Secret Tryst with its heart notes of jasmine and saffron, enveloped in a sensual cedarwood base? Or perhaps the intensely intimate Cavort, a warm woody floral aphrodisiac infused with sultry saffron and soft, creamy sandalwood? Or maybe the softly seductive yet potent warm woody aroma of Lovers with its complex blend of fruity florals?

Whichever you choose, this unique union of fine fragrances are crafted to ignite, delight and excite.

The set includes 1 x perfume atomiser and 3 x 7.5ml perfumes: Lovers, Cavort, and Secret Tryst.

  1. Open: Carefully remove the magnetic lid from your Coffret, mindful of the strong magnet.
  2. Insert: Select a 7.5ml fragrance, take off its cap, and gently slide it into the Coffret with the nozzle facing upwards.
  3. Spray: To enjoy your fragrance, simply press the nozzle.
  4. Interchangeable: Easily swap out scents in your Coffret to match your mood or occasion.
  5. Secure: Firmly reattach the magnetic lid to your Coffret to keep the contents safe.