Fragrance Du Bois Minuit et Demi


It's half past midnight. The distant promise of a new day lingers seductively. No words are required. Just the definitive scent of utter pleasure, Minuit et Demi. An intimate and sensual rich gourmand crafted to intoxicate the room. A collaboration of pure parfum passion, Demi Rawling and Fragrance Du Bois unite in an expert blend of extraordinary ingredients, delivering unfaltering strength and depth. Subtly warm spice notes dive into an addictive heart of coffee and caramel, enveloped in a bespoke compound of Bourbon de Laire by perfume legends, Symrise.

Perfumers Notes

Top Notes

Cardamom, Pimento, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Caramel, Coffee

Base Notes

Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Musk, Bourbon De Laire - exclusive note to Symrise Fine Fragrance