Fragrance Du Bois AM & PM Discovery Bag



An explosion of warm, woody and spicy notes enriched with an abundance of natural extracts to redefine modern luxury.

Spiced damask rose muddles with Italian orange and a hint of aromatic thyme and leathery saffron; this perfume is amplified by ambroxan with sophisticated woods notes from guaiac, sandal and cedar merging in the base. A whisper of an oud accord drifts with a spicy freshness through vintage patchouli and a hint of sweet tropical vanilla.


A true “Power Scent” which harks back to the heady days when perfumes could be made with real and powerful ingredients and not guided by budgets and constraints, a new signature scent in the world of haute perfumery.

Embracing clean, spicy junipers, smoky cedarwood and notes of fresh Secret Florals that are exclusive to Fragrance Du Bois.. With a potent pop of the sweetest patchouli and the essence of comforting orris root forming the base, this is a scent for those who like to indulge in the best of everything.

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