Review: Fragrance Du Bois Sahraa

What is the crown jewel of your collection?
For me it has to be Sahraa by Fragrance Du Bois. Maybe I'm influenced by it's high price point (€440/50ml) and pictured it as something almost unattainable, so I feel very lucky to have it. This bottle came courtesy of the brand and although it wasn't the first time that happened, it felt like a 'moment' and since then I've been blessed quite a few times. Which, aside from being a massive help to my page and my own collection, really feels like recognition for the work I've put in, both as a reviewer and photographer.
That being said, Sahraa is absolutely amazing to me. It has just the right amount of oud so that you notice it and it carries the scent in the drydown, without it being overly prominent. It can come across a bit barnyardy on first spray, but that fades within a few minutes. The grapefruit note is beautiful and adds a brighter touch, alongside the rose and geranium, making this a pretty versatile fragrance. The rose isn't that strong, so if you're not a fan of the note, don't let it scare you off. It's one of the smoothest compositions I've come across, with a nice sandalwood in the base. I never made the connection when I first wore it, but someone told me it smelled a bit like Terre d'Hermes to him, which I can totally see now. It's only a small part of the DNA, not the burning sensation or the soapy vetiver, but a much smoother, almost creamy version, where sandalwood replaces the vetiver and a floral touch is added. Seeing how Terre d'Hermes is my favorite designer, it's no wonder that Sahraa currently is my overall favorite fragrance and one that I see as a milestone in my fragrance journey