As Carrie Bradshaw said in one of the episodes of Sex and the City: “It wasn’t logic, it was love....”
I couldn’t find more perfect, more fitting and accurate words to describe exactly how I feel right now about the freshest offering from the Shades family,
Reading the notes and the very evocatively put together descriptions on the website, I instantly dismissed it!- I’m a dark, gourmand leaning orientals kinda gal after all, for gods sake!! Surely I ain’t gonna care for an aromatic, spicy, woody scent....I’ll be damned if I tried denying that I’m eating my words now!!
IT HAD MY HEART IN 3..2...1.......
If you’re gonna assume that OUD VERT is just another freshie, you’ll be just as wrong as I initially was!!
It opens with one of the juiciest, liveliest, authentic bergamot notes I have ever gotten my nose on; whilst cardamom and ginger provide a zingy kick to the effervescent top note.
The aromatic heart is composed of coriander and nutmeg playing alongside the distinctively lemony, herbaceous aroma, with a soft but potent warm green scent of geranium; which then gives way to woody, slightly smoky base sublimated by vetiver and natural, organic oud.
But what really drew me to OUD VERT was the refined yet noticeable, underlying “dirtiness”, the subtle sexual innuendo that is felt throughout the life of the scent.
And that is head-turningly alluring!!