Review: Oud Orange Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

This is the other one that I found irresistible during the my trip to the perfume boutique a couple of weeks before the lock down. It left me guilty enough to not open the box for many days. I finally took it out yesterday and a whiff of it was all I needed to forget all my guilt.
Opening sweet and fruity, OOI develops into a luscious blend of vanilla bourbon and milky coconut in the heart, before settling down into a musky Oud base a couple of hours later. It's the kind of gourmand scent that will make you want to eat it. .

What it lacks in projection, OOI more than makes up for it in longevity. Boy, does this juice last! I wore it yesterday almost 24 hours ago and I am still enjoying it as if it was sprayed 6 hours ago. (Yes I didn't shower for 24 hours and counting just to see how long this will last.)

It's the kind of fragrance that makes me dizzy with joy and feeds my obsession for fragrances. It is this factor that, in my opinion, justifies the obscenely high price tag on such high quality niche perfumes.