Fragrance Du Bois Review: Oud Bleu Intense

Oud Bleu Intense is one of my favorite summer fragrances and
arguably my favorite release from Fragrance du Bois.
The fragrance starts with a beautiful combination of mandarin and cardamom,
the opening is fresh and creamy. Then, the nutmeg joins them to give the scent some spiciness. I get hints of oud in the opening but it is not prominent and
it is just in the background and it smells like natural oud.
In the drydown, the mandarin disappears,
a beautiful olibanum note starts appearing along with ambery labdanum and myrrh.
You may think that the scent becomes resinous and heavy at this stage
but that is not the case at all, the scent is still light and airy,
but it becomes warmer and spicier.
Overall, Oud Bleu Intense have a very unique scent profile,
it starts off fresh and creamy and drydown to a warm resinous base
while maintaining its airy quality.
What I like the most is the beautiful cardamom note
and the creamy texture of the scent.