Review: New York Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

"Dense grey darkness accompanied the man that night,
cigarette between his lips, furls of smoke cascading their way to the heavens
that threatened to crack open above him.

The streets of New York, intense and sombre this night,
enveloped the detective as he walked down an alleyway,
his trusty revolver by his side hidden by a knee-length coat,
perfect for these late summer nights that hurdled towards the firigidity this
Autumn promised them. the vanilla-like sweetness of decaying leaves wafted up towards him, crunching under his feet, the trees whispering by his side out on a main street once more.

He still smelt the scent of his lover on his lapel,
blackberries hinting at what transpired between them
only hours earlier and his thoughts were with her again."