In honour of the incredible gesture made by Fragrance Du Bois yesterday,
I decided to wear one of their new fragrances. This is my first wearing of this, bought it a couple of months ago I think.

I sprayed this on in the morning, 5 or 6 sprays,
it smelt sooo good that I doubled it up 😂 it’s that good!

The opening is gorgeous, it’s got a warm spicy feel along with a nice rose note. But there’s also a sweet background. Some berries and citrus.
It’s really really nice. A little confusing even, very different.

As it starts to settles you can smell a lot more woods with sweet undertones.
I can smell vanilla, cloves, Oud, even something that’s reminding me of honey.

Once it’s completely dried down I get more spices from patchouli and what I’m guessing is saffron? It’s awesome! It’s like a fresh and warm spiced scent with some sweet notes, woody notes, a little earthiness to it,
and an ever so slightly oriental touch.

I’ll have to check the notes later and see how close I was with my nose, I’ll probably be way off 😂 but at the moment, as a first wear and first impressions, this is one of my favourites from the new line. Love it.