Now where do i start with this intoxicating fragrance of pure luxury made with the highest quality of ingredients.⠀
🔴Sense of Smell:⠀
Its a smooth rose fragrance that opens up with the freshness of bergamot and it stays rosy fresh true out the experience with a very delicate sweetness from the vanilla and caramel giving it a beautiful balance, the woody touches of the guaiac and cashmir wood are complimenting this fragrance with a creamy woody backbone making this fragrance a blend of pure perfection that draws people in making them wonder what it is you are wearing......its a compliment magnet and a performance monster very clean and very sexy!⠀
⭐top notes⠀
⭐mid notes⠀
⭐base notes⠀
vanilla,musk,cashmir wood,guaiac wood⠀
I have many fragrances of Fragrance Du Bois and they all have one thing in common....very high Quality fragrances that are blended to perfection.⠀