Cannabis Perfume Oil Review: Cannabis Intense

This beautiful fragrance opens with a wonderful blend of Orange, Cardamom, rose and Pink Pepper. The green note which follows comes from the Cannabis note which is more Cannabis leaves smell than the pungent and sometimes cheesy flower aroma of cannabis which can be unpleasant. The base of the fragrance is a beautiful mix of Saffron, Nutmeg, Oud, Cedar and Musk.

The dry down is smooth and sexy on my skin. Longevity, and sillage are above average and a nice bubble will envelop you for more than 4 hours.
This juice does not smell like weed at all more like hemp and
I already had a nice compliment while wearing it.
The fragrance is unisex but it leans a little more on the masculine side
because of its green woody aspect that I really love.
Thumbs up to Fragrance Du Bois for creating this awesome,
versatile and timeless creation. Nose Happy!👃🏽👍🏽😊💚💚💚