The moment I sprayed this little fella, I knew I was in for a treat.
This is what niche perfumery is all about;
creating a piece of art with finest ingredients nature has to offer.
This is one of the most realistic cannabis scent profile I have encountered in a while. Cannabis and grapefruit doing the tango in unique ways and phases.
It's like nothing you've smelled before. It did really well in high heat and
I see it doing wonders on a warm fall afternoon or evening as well.
FYI, I don't smoke nor drink and nobody came trying to roll me up to smoke me because I reminded them of the real thing. This could be a tad daring for some,
but to me, this is the tale of a powerful man satisfied with where he's at in life without fear of what anyone thinks of him. A man who lives with set principles and ready to die by those principles. Bold, fresh, and friendly.
Get your hands on Cannabis Bleu by @fragrancedubois and thank me later if you "DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!"