Unique Fragrance Review: Cannabis Blue

This is one hell of a creative project, unfolding with a citrus pop
that provides the blend with a semisweet freshness on first blast,
making way into the heart of the composition, highlighting a cannabis note that reads very complex on skin , herbal, even a bit smoky supported by
aromatic spices and patchouli reinforcing on the woody foundation,
and yes, I get the dominant cannabis during the first and
second portion of the scent development, but the dry down turns
sweet with what I perceive as almost a hint of vetiver meets something fruity, 
as well as a good dose of oud framing the base, adding to the exoticism
and masculinity of the blend.
Cannabis Blue is a one of a kind perfume in the woody arena,
my wife smelled it and was wowed by it.
Lastly, before you ask, no it does not smells just like marijuana,
as the cannabis note is sharing the composition with fresh elements,
hence the blue in the title, and lot’s of dominant woody tones.