Nanako Ogi

“I realise my imagination through perfumery.”

Nanako grew up in Japan surrounded by rice fields and forests. Though perfumes were not around her, she was curious about the smell of nature. When she was studying anthropology at the university, her friend suggested she should be a perfumer, as she was always talking about scents. Six months later, she left for the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a perfumer. After a chemistry degree and ten years of experience in the fragrance industry, she was admitted to Givaudan Perfumery School. Nanako started working as perfumer in Dubai in 2017 and more recently moved to Singapore. She is inspired by what triggers her emotion in everyday life and attempts to translate those feelings into beautiful fragrances.

Our audacious Secret Tryst was crafted by Nanako to bring a new intoxicating perfume into the For Lovers collection.

"The core of the fragrance is the ambery cistus absolute. I wanted to bring out the different notes I find in Cistus. Olibanum essence to me smells like creamy skin under the sunlight, and gives a layer of warmth. The floral side of Cistus is accentuated with rose and jasmine, its spicy side highlighted by cardamom and saffron. Finally the key note to this fragrance is Bergamot which reminds me of the fresh sky of Andalusia where Cistus grows."