Gaël Montero

"Perfumery reflects what we are at one moment in our lives, it’s our intimate identity, it’s something we want to share with others."

Gaël’s career had its beginnings at Montpellier University, as he studied for a degree in perfumery. Navigating "the balance between artistry and science", the seemingly mysterious perfumery profession has always resonated with Gaël, curious to discover more. His sense of curiosity prevails even today, as he continues to learn and experiment within the aromatic world. "Working with creative people is my favourite aspect of the job", notes Gaël, who continues "whether it’s with evaluators or clients, we’re all on a journey to experiment and create together." Inspired by raw materials, Gaël values going "back to basics", with life as his muse, from nature to people, through art and traveling. Early on, two internships allowed Gaël to consolidate his talent and satisfy his inquisitive nature.

As fate would have it, Gaël joined Givaudan as perfumer Jordi Fernandez’s assistant in Barcelona, a mentorship that permitted him to experiment and solidify his understanding of ingredients before joining the ranks at Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris. Gaël’s international career reflects his multinational, French-Spanish origins, taking him to Dubai, where he now resides. Here, he pulls inspiration from the Middle Eastern tendency to favour woody fragrances, alongside his existing penchant for musks.

Gaël does not limit his choice of ingredients to mere smell, but instead relies on being guided by intuitive feeling. It is this reliance on emotion that led him to perfumery, which as he puts it, "reflects what we are at one moment in our lives, it’s our intimate identity, it’s something we want to share with others".

Gaël is the creative mind behind our Cavort fragrance, a tender and yet energetic warm floral.

"My objective was to craft a fragrance that exudes passion and sophistication. I created a saffron liquor accord to bring addiction and texture to the core of the fragrance: an opulent white flowers bouquet. The wooden base is built on a contrast between the warmth of sandalwood and modernity of incense."