Wedding Scents and Wedding Perfumes that Wow

Wedding perfume has become as intrinsic to a couple’s nuptials as the choreographed first dance and the betrothal of bands. Along with wedding day perfume for the bride and groom, there’s even a growing trend for scented weddings, in part driven by Kate Middleton filling Westminster Abbey with orange blossom candles way back in 2011

Here we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about wedding day scents, from choosing the perfect matrimonial perfume to the best wedding day perfume for brides and grooms and even perfume as a wedding gift.

Choosing the best wedding perfumes for the bride and groom

We all know that scent is strongly associated with recollection, so it makes sense to put some serious consideration into your wedding fragrance choices. Whether you’re the bride or groom, this is a day you will want to revisit over and over in years to come. A simple spritz of your perfume atomizer has the power to transport you back to those cherished memories at a moment’s notice.

What do you want from your wedding day perfume?

There are two consistent schools of thought on choosing wedding day fragrances. Weddings are naturally a time for high emotion and can cause nerves. To this end, a much-loved scent that makes you feel ‘more you’ and at home can be settling and offer some familiarity amid all of the anxiety and excitement.

On the other hand, because smell is closely linked to memories and can evoke emotions, some suggest that you start with a clean slate and choose a new fragrance for your wedding day.

Of course, there is a middle ground. Take the notes from your favourite fragrance and explore them in a new scent. Your partner will still be able to detect the essence of ‘you’ in the familiar notes, but you’ll be creating a new set of fragrance emotions with your wedding scent upgrade.

Whichever route you decide to take, make sure you think about how your wedding day fragrance will complement your wedding wardrobe and your personality. Do you want a bold, attention-seeking, flirtatious scent or a discrete intimate skin scent? Do fragrance families and specific notes drive your wedding day perfume, or do you see this new chapter in your life as the perfect opportunity to adopt an entirely new scent?

Whatever you decide, Fragrance Du Bois is here to help you determine the best wedding day perfume for you.

Seasonal wedding scents

Seasonal influences often drive wedding planning, so it pays to match wedding perfume scents to the time of year you’re tying the knot. Here are just a few wedding fragrance ideas to help you plan an unforgettable day.

If you’re heading overseas to pledge your vows, you might opt for a fragrance that captures the essence of holidays and balmy nights. The delicious Oud Jaune Intense exudes exotic flowers and possesses a wonderfully tropical vibe with water fruits and pineapple, which could be a good choice for a paradise destination wedding.

For those declaring their undying love in the city or at civil ceremonies, a modern interpretation of classic fragrance can be a compelling wedding day perfume choice. Fresh, crisp perfumes like the intensely invigorating London Spice prove popular, particularly as a wedding day perfume for grooms. Similarly, the refreshing top notes of bergamot, ginger and cinnamon in Oud Vert Intense are among the top wedding fragrances for those who prefer a bright and breezy approach.

Fresh and lighter scents are generally favoured for Spring and Summer weddings, while heavier fragrances with a woody base or musky notes are often preferred for autumnal and winter unions. New York 5th Avenue is a stunning winter wedding fragrance with its sweet, woody composition with a hint of spice. Still, the long-lasting fruity-floral Siberian Rose is often heralded as a match made in heaven for winter brides.

Choosing a romantic wedding day perfume

Fragrances from the floral family prove popular wedding scents for brides. Such perfumes naturally convey connotations of love and romanticism and often lean more feminine. That’s not to say that wedding perfumes with florals are strictly for brides. Take PM, for example. This power scent packs a punch and is among the band of perfect wedding fragrances for him. A distinctly masculine Italian leather tempers the secret florals and tuberose in the mid notes with a deep, assured woody base.

Historically orange blossom has signified eternal love and is often used in wedding bouquets across Europe. This makes the long-lasting sweet and fruity Oud Orange Intense another well-liked wedding day perfume.

Of course, the classic perfume ingredient, rose, always finds favour with traditionalists and trendsetters alike. That’s why Oud Rose Intense continually tops the list of the best wedding scents. It’s sweet, sensual, and intoxicating with all the makings of a romantic wedding fragrance for her.

Gender neutral wedding fragrances

In recent years, there’s been a trend towards a less prescriptive way of wearing fragrances. That’s why Fragrance Du Bois fragrances are created for everyone to enjoy. The composition of our luxurious scents can certainly lean more traditionally feminine or masculine, but we believe your perfume is a personal choice.

If you are looking for a more neutral fragrance, you’ll enjoy the Fragrance Foundation Awards Perfume Extraordinaire 2022 finalist Minuit et Demi. This best-selling gourmand fragrance was developed with Demi Rawling and projects an intoxicating blend of coffee and caramel in an addictive bourbon base. It’s a wedding day scent to share and savour.

Another signature wedding perfume on the best wedding fragrances list is Santal Complet. This is, without doubt, an intimate skin fragrance for you and your partner to enjoy up close and personal. This soft, sensual and elegant perfume opens with coconut and lemon before an unfettered heart of violet, and black pepper leads to creamy base notes of sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla.

Sharing is caring, so if you want to cement your union before the vows commence, the new release Solstis could be the perfect wedding gift for you. Magical Solstis is the ideal lover’s accessory with uplifting citrusy notes, a hint of spice and enveloping base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and vetiver.

Wedding Fragrances for the Bride

Though the delicate elevation of time-honoured scents like Siberian Rose, Santal Complet, and Oud Rose see them regularly appear on the wishlist of ‘wedding fragrances for her’, there are some classic bridal perfumes worth exploring.

Take the timeless, upscale notes of Heritage - the fragrant epitome of style and sophistication. This is an unforgettable composition, beautifully matched to ceremonies in stately homes and grandiose venues. Similarly, the powerful floral notes of the exquisite Parisian from our distinctive Prive Collection make this iconic Oud-based perfume by Christian Provenzano, a standout scent for stylish brides.

For those wishing to capture that magical essence of mist rolling over the hills at the break of dawn, the fruity florals of Brume Du Matin represent a wonderfully symbolic wedding day perfume of fresh mornings and new beginnings.

Wedding fragrances for the groom

We’ve already extolled the virtues of rich florals with a masculine twist for men with Fragrance Du Bois’ collaboration with Producer Michael, PM.

Another famous wedding day perfume for the groom is the complex masterpiece Oud Noir Intense. Characterized by woody-spicy notes but with a heart of florals, this is an intriguing fragrance representing an excellent wedding reception scent, should you wish to mix things up with a scent change rather than a wardrobe change.

For the discerning groom, it has to be Sahraa, often considered the jewel in the crown in Fragrance Du Bois’ Prive Collection. Sahraa is a mysterious and majestic perfume with serious projection and enviable staying power.

In sharp contrast, Oud Bleu Intense channels sea breeze and mountain air with a fresh opening of mandarin laced with a touch of spicy cardamom and nutmeg. This warm fragrance encapsulates the wearer in a dreamy, spiritual experience for the senses.

Choosing a fragrance for a wedding day gift

Though wedding perfume is a highly personal choice, it can also make a memorable and unique wedding gift. Take our acclaimed For Lovers collection scents, for example. Both Secret Tryst and Cavort were created as a duo for couples, lovers and spouses to share. The exquisite satin-lined velvet keepsake presentation boxes are a spectacle to behold on the wedding gift table.

Of course, another superb wedding gift is a Discovery Set - the perfect perfume wedding gift for newlyweds to enjoy and experiment with some of our most iconic and coveted fragrances.

Suppose you’re still looking for more advice and inspiration on choosing a signature wedding perfume for your special day. Why not book an appointment with one of our experienced fragrance advisors who will help you discover the best wedding fragrance for you.