Perfume Masters: Creating a Perfume Story

The best fragrances are the ones that stop you in your tracks with their ability to evoke particular feelings, emotions and memories. But how is this achieved? The answer lies with master perfumers, who bring their unique talents to scent creation. At Fragrance Du Bois, we work with some of the best, and it is their fine sense of smell and wealth of knowledge that is behind some of the most original and captivating fragrances available.  


These artisans are known as perfume noses, and it takes many years of study to become one. At the heart of their artistry is their ability to distinguish a huge variety of scents, both alone and in combination with others. In the past, the main route to becoming a perfumer was through an apprenticeship. Today, there are professional schools, most of which require students to have qualifications in organic chemistry or pharmacy before they will even consider them for parfum training.


Each perfumer brings their own interests, influences and expression to scent creation, which is why Fragrance Du Bois works with several masters in the art. It is what gives our collections their remarkable variety and depth. Perfumes tell a story and are an extension of you, your feelings and your experiences. This is what expert noses have in mind when formulating their blends. Creating a story, whether it’s one of adventure, love, nature’s beauty or a particular place or journey, is a note-by-note process.

A perfumer will begin by considering their olfactory objective, then selecting the essential oils for the base notes, which will form the base accord. This is a complex process of adjusting proportions incrementally and adding or removing notes, until the perfumer has what they consider to be the perfect combination. The same procedure is repeated for the middle accord, which will then be paired with the base accord and adjusted, based on how the two interact. Then comes the top accord, which is joined with the middle and base accords, before the blend of all three is fine-tuned until it is just right.


Fragrance Du Bois has been working with the same expert perfumers from the beginning. Each one plays an integral role, not just in creating the unique scents that we pride ourselves on, but also in ensuring that every oil used is of the highest quality. Discover more about them and their outstanding creations here.