Fragrance du Bois



Like a day at the seaside, Zest Marin is crisp, effervescent, oceanic and fresh, with opening citrus tones of lemon and bergamot, perfectly complemented by the natural essence of galbanum.

At the heart, lavander and nutmeg bring out the best in each other in a partnership of delicious complexity, with vetiver, vanilla and woody musks providing irresistible base notes that simply make you want to plunge into the ocean of fragrance.

The notes of vetiver, vanilla, and woody musk give off an irresistible scent.

Our perfumes are not created for the stereotypical gender... him or her... they are made to share. We are all individuals you decide.

No budget limitations, or target prices set for our Master Perfumers when creating our perfumes.

Perfumers Notes

Top Notes

Lemon, Bergamot, Galbanum

Middle Notes

Marine, Nutmeg, Lavandin

Base Notes

Vetiver, Vanilla, Woody Musks