Cruelty Free

We never test any of our products or their ingredients on animals, nor do we commission or condone any such testing to be done on our behalf.

We are also routinely carrying out detailed audits on all our ingredients suppliers supply chains to ensure they meet our standards.

Sustainable Oud

All of our Oud fragrances contain 100% real organic Vintage Oud oil from sustainable sources Certified by CITES, the oil is aged and matured for several years before we add it to our perfumes.

Outer Packaging

All our boxes, cartons and sleeves are made of fully recyclable or biodegradable paper. We also only use Sustainably certified packaging and  approved paper.

Additionally we don’t use plastic / cellophane blister Packs on any of our products.

We also promote our own “SAY NO” to brands that use single use Blister packaging wraps, 2 letters NO can change things.


Online Orders

Our outer cartons are both recyclable and bio-degradable, the wood chips inside are fully biodegradable. All parcel deliveries are zero carbon, and the delivery boxes are 100% recyclable. 

The Lungs of our Planet 

Ancient forests are the lungs of our planet, soaking up CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it. In essence, they clean our air. Furthermore, they maintain the balance of life on Earth. About 20% of the world’s total CO2 emissions come from tree felling and deforestation fires. 
(Source: International Panel on Climate Change).

Fragrance Du Bois promotes sustainable forestry to prevent the ruthless exploitation of rainforest areas by using only sustainably-sourced and certified products, with CITES or Rainforest Alliance certification, as applicable.


No Blister packs or single use plastics In our packaging. Delivery Is made only with sustainably verified and carbon neutral couriers.

Join us on our olfactive sensory journey redefining luxury perfumes in the modern world and our campaign to say no to single use plastics and lets redefine what luxury means together.