Review: Velvet Amber by Fragrance Du Bois

New York, 1965; A tall, mature woman enters a bar, her blonde hair in a strict bun, holding a cigarette holder, smoke following her footsteps, wearing a long mink coat that touches the ground. All eyes on her.

Fragrance Du Bois' Velvet Amber is that woman - so many thoughts come to mind when I am trying to describe this fragrance. First of all, the name is misleading. When I imagined Velvet Amber, I imagine a sweet, almost syrupy fragrance accompanied by spices - however I could not be more wrong.

Velvet Amber is not the sweet ambery fragrance you would imagine; it is piercing, strict, and dark and mysterious. The base is gorgeous musk, vanilla, amber and in the middle you can find the best quality oud oil, saffron and cardamom, cypriol oil. The top is rich with citrus.

I dont get the freshness of the top here; what I immediately get is piercing woodiness and smokiness, accopanied by spices, but also an animalic facet - maybe the oud oil? Or the cypriol oil? Not sure what, but the initial smell is very animalic to my nose. This threw me off on the first tries - but that harshness only lasts a couple of minutes - then it dries down to woody, spicy and smoky, all blended together with rose. In the drydown you can definitely feel the rose.

This fragrance is how I imagine that woman - smoke, natural odours of fur, a sweet fragrance put underneath all mixed together - I had a conversation with @perfume.library about this scent and he said; this reeks wealth. And I find this to be very true - this scent is rich, wealthy, dark and adventurous. Easily one of the most complex fragrances in my collection.
But the name should be something else. Something that reflects its gorgeous qualities better. ♥️