Imagine yourself walking in the middle of a bright purple violet field; the wind blowing in your face; a storm is acoming - renders the earth with a much needed pour. You are then wandering about - feeling one with nature; the scent of the freshly washed ground mixes with the lovely odor of the violets while the wind is carressing your face.
@fragrancedubois Petales de Cashmere is an experience that was developed in nature. As the above mental imagine suggests; imagine a gorgeous floral scent with a touch of earthiness and groundedness.
Petales de Cashmere is a lovely floral composition; violets, jasmine makes its heart a bright fragrance; but deeper down and in its drydown it reveals its true magic; a gorgeous musky, earthy, sandalwoody base that gives these floral notes a darker base to build upon.
For my nose; this is a colder fragrance, it doesn’t have the warmth of amber or vanilla or overwhelming sweetness; it has in the top a drop of grapefruit which gives it a fresh opening and then the florals mixing with the musky earthiness gives it an almost green undertone - all done to perfection with the glowing tamed down sweetness of violets and jasmine.
A highly sophisticated fragrance for the lovers of unique floral compositions that are not overly sweet and feminine. Petals of Cashmere - a perfect name that reslly gives soul to a lovely creation.