Orange Perfume Review: Oud Orange Intense

This was love at first sniff for me 😍😍 So juicy and tropical.
Opening the bottle, I got notes of Oud Orange Intense bringing to mind a pile of coconut husks smoldering in the ashes of a fire. Than the rich and intense flavours of vanilla bourbon take over, combining the warmness of vanilla and richly old wood infused from the wooden barrel, tinted softness to the mix, also it sweetness..
Vanilla is the star player here, and the coconut is like a milk coconut.. Dry down is creamy coconut/vanilla ice cream cocktail.. nice blend..

This is very nice scent for those who love coconut and vanilla notes, but it's quite delicate and fresh. It's definitely perfect something you can wear to the office without offending anyone 😬😬

Enjoyable?? Absolutely yess...
But honestly I can smell it slowly disappearing 6 hours later.
Otherwise it is really pretty, gorgeous fragrance...😍😍😍

Longevity 8/10
Sillage 9/10

Top notes :
Fruity Notes and Coconut
Middle note :
Bourbon Vanilla
Base notes :
Vanilla, Agarwood (Oud) and Musk