Fragrance Du Bois Review: Cannabis Intense

Another new acquisition for me, and if I’m honest, at first glance it’s not that different to Cannabis Blue. At first glance though, this is my first wearing and first impressions.

Cannabis Intense opens up with green and spicy notes of Cardamom and Pepper, and a Zesty Orange giving it a sweet citrus side.

In the heart you have a lovely warm saffron note coupled with a creamy and woody nutmeg note. With a touch of cannabis. It’s green, very earthy, but it’s very much being held down.

As the base notes kick in, the cannabis note seems to come alive with the cedar wood note, giving it an edge, it smells sharper now. The Oud note is very light in this, I’m not even sure if it is Oud or if it’s woody notes. But like I said, it’s only my first impressions and I need to get to know it better.

So far so good, it’s a great scent, that FDB quality is all over it, and it seems to be getting louder as it progresses through its layers.