Fragrance Du Bois

Immersive Layers Collection Discovery Set


Experience an edited collection of signature Fragrance Du Bois scents presented as five pairings. Enjoyed them layered to create unique aromas or enjoy them individually. The choice is yours!

Immersive Layers Discovery Set - 10 x 2ml sample fragrances presented in a  box with a menu card of recommended layerings


Celestial Style - The city of style and celestial power meet, cultivating a supernatural alchemy

Milano x Solstis

Maximalist Sensuality - A maximalist conversation of inviting exotic tones that unfold into the sensual

Oud Jaune x Santal Complet


Timeless Charisma - An enigmatic composition that is timeless and full of complex audacity

Heritage x London Spice

Kinetic Infusion - Unveils an easy sophistication embedded with kinetic flirtation

Oud Bleu x Cavort

Evolving Movement - Malleable and full of movement, wrapping the skin, enveloping it, constantly evolving on the wearer.

Cannabis Intense x New York 5th Avenue

**Available for UK deliveries only

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