Review: Perfume Discovery Set

FRAGRANCE DU BOIS a luxury-niche fragrance house, headquartered in Paris has made waves in the fragrance community in recent time.

The brands motto “Born in Nature, Crafted in France” speaks to the houses commitment in sourcing not only the finest, and rarest raw materials available in the perfume industry, but working with some of the best noses in the business!

I absolutely love that FDB use only pure Oudh oil sourced from their own plantations across Asia to ensure both sustainability and quality, and are also heavily invested in raising awareness on the importance of protecting the Aquilaria tree (source of Oud) which has been severely depleted over the years as a consequence of illegal logging.

FDB is absolute quality through and though. This is evident in each and every fragrance I have smelt from them. I would go so far as to say a number of their fragrances are masterpieces, faultless and masterfully blended.

My favourites from FBD are;

1.SAHRAA- this is just wow! Honestly this fragrance is that good, it’s mindblowing and if you haven’t smelt this yet you absolutely need to get your nose on this immediately 👏🏻 Sahraa showcases oud in all its glory. It’s rich, dense and completely luxurious.

2. PARISIAN- one of the most incredible Rose, Oud and Incense fragrance I have ever come across.

3. NEW YORK 5th AVENUE- a beautiful gourmand dedicated to winter in NYC. Caramel, Cashmere, Rose and Oud. This one oozes luxury!

4. NEW YORK INTENSE-Myrrh, BlackBerry, warm Spices and oud. Heavenly!

5. OUD JAUNE- a delicious fruity sweet oud, with a creamy Tiare floral note. Perfect for warmer weather.