Fragrance Boutique Special: Fragrance Du Bois

If I ever wanted a bespoke fragrance made, Fragrance Du Bois would be the place for it. Luxury covers all four corners of the room, from its posh, glossy all-black interior and gold accents, to the crystal chandeliers and lush velvet upholstery. It looks, feels and smells – well, it is a fragrance boutique – incredibly luxurious.

Clotilde, my consultant, begins by introducing me to the heart of Fragrance Du Bois’ scents – the famed oud oil, crafted exclusively from Asia Plantation Capital’s exquisite Aquilaria tree plantation. Deep, intense and complex, with a distinctive gold glow, oud oil is known as “liquid gold” both for its colour and market price. A gallon of oud costs one and half times more than a gallon of gold. It is at this point that I realise I am staring at a literal pot of gold. Gold that doesn’t harm the Earth to be exact, since Fragrance Du Bois only gets its oud from sustainable sources.

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