Perfume Samples Review: Scent Discovery Set

After sampling my first batch of 7 Fragrance Du Bois
(and liking all of them, most a lot),
I ordered some more samples and the folks over there
were so kind to add a whole bunch of freebies.
You can expect a lot more reviews of these in the upcoming weeks or months.
I have already sampled Oud Bleu Intense, Oud Jaune Intense,
Oud Orange Intense, Sahraa Oud (my favorite), O
ud Noir Intense, Oud Rose Intense & London Oud.
Now I've received: Santal Complet, Petales De Cashmere, Brume Du Matin,
Zest Marin, Baie Rose, Siberian Rose, Cannabis Bleu, Cannabis Intense,
Velvet Amber, Arabesque, Mutheer, Rose Du Bois, Oud Du Bois, Areej & Aseel.